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Human Parasites and Worms

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The damage done by human parasites and worms to the human body has a wide range from blood loss to diarrhea, and many other diseases. We tend to believe of parasites and worms as being a third world difficulty and in our clean, sanitary environment we do not will need to worry about that. The truth is our world is changing and these changes make us much much more susceptible to human parasites than we had been in the past. One of those changes is that numerous more individuals are traveling to countries where these human parasites are frequent some areas have as much as 100% infestation. An additional change is the importing of food from a lot of of these same countries, with both events bringing unwelcome, microscopic visitors, who do not call for a visa. But the largest trigger is the chemicals and solvents we are now exposed to in our food and our surroundings. Prior to, the eggs and larvae of these human parasites would just pass through, but now these chemicals are permitting these same human parasites to establish themselves in the body.

World-wide, the numbers are staggering, 1.4 Billion men and women have intestinal roundworms and there are an incredible 500,000 varieties of worms in our soil. 500 million men and women have malaria, from a parasite distributed by way of mosquitoes, 200 million with Schistosomiasis, and so on. It is intriguing to note that worms outrank cancer as man's deadliest enemy. Colon therapists report nearly 100% infection rate as they witness firsthand these human parasites leaving the intestines throughout colon therapy. They live mostly in a toxic bowel, but can live in almost any component of the body. Medical science teaches that every single human parasite is so distinctive that a distinct drug is necessary to kill each 1, and the drugs tend to make you really ill, causing nausea and vomiting.

A far simpler technique is cleansing the body, specifically the bowel, and making use of herbs that kill hundreds of varieties of human parasites, and with no side effects. Grandma's Herbs formula contains herbs that do that safely and efficiently. Wormwood is one of the oldest medicinal plants known and is mentioned in the Bible. It has been used by a lot of civilizations, including the Greeks, the Romans, the English, Native Americans and many more. It has numerous uses, particularly in the overcoming of intestinal worms and other human parasites. Black walnut is known for its anti-fungal properties. It works properly against practically all types of fungus, regardless of whether it is jungle rot or athlete's foot or fungal infection of the skin or hair.

Human Parasites

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